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At home pet euthanasia

How do I know when it's time?

No one wants to be in the position to make a decision about their pet's life. We hope that a medication, surgery, or behavior consult or medication will make it all better. The reality is we can see their suffering because we share our daily lives with them. We see their struggles. And sometimes, we have to make the decision to let them go.

One of the most difficult decisions is the "when". This online quality of life tool may be helpful in guiding your decision. If you are faced with euthanasia for behavioral reasons, you can learn more here.   

If you are not sure that euthanasia is the right decision for your pet, Dr. Kim offers quality of life consultations and can provide expertise, guidance, and compassion when it's needed most. These 30 minute phone consultations are available daily depending on Dr. Kim's schedule. The consultation fee is $125. Please complete the contact form below to arrange a consultation. 

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