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A peaceful transition with at home euthanasia

Your pet has provided love and support when you've needed it most. Now, it is your turn to return that same love. Giving the gift of a peaceful passing and setting your friend free from their suffering is the most selfless act you can provide.


At home euthanasia is different. There is no scary car ride, no unfamiliar animals, barking, smells or boisterous conversations. Instead, Dr. Kim will help your pet in the comfort of their own home surrounded by the people and pets they know.  You can be at ease to grieve, laugh, cry in the manner you choose.


Dr. Kim will arrive dressed in normal street attire so that your pet will see her as a visiting family friend. We hope to help create a loving environment free of stress and anxiety for family members and their cherished pets.


Home visits are available by appointment only. We are not an emergency service. If your pet is in urgent need of euthanasia, we recommend contacting your closest emergency clinic. Appointments are scheduled 7 days a week depending on doctor availability. We try our best to accommodate same-day appointments, but scheduling at least 24 hours ahead is recommended.


If you wish to have your pet cremated, we provide transportation to Trusted Journey Pet Memorial Services. We will also notify your veterinarian, groomer, etc. of your pet’s passing.

A Peaceful Transition

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